Tuesday, March 24, 2009

snark journalism?

between the milwaukee decider(this one in particular), and dashiell bennett of deadspin, and...there was another example i noticed somewhere today, but whatever, the greater point being that a lot of internet current event blogs think that snark equals funny, and i don't. acting like you're above everything is the new sarcasm, or irony, or larry the cable guy style race/gender baiting jokes. try harder. the world needs more mcpheeters.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

this is just unbelievable.

this article.

and in particular, this text:

"Those who wrote about Palin’s appearance were more positive in their assessments than those who assessed her qualities as a person. But they rated her far lower in terms of competence, intelligence and capability, and were far less likely to indicate they planned to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

“It wasn’t her appearance per se” that soured people on Palin, Heflick said in an interview. “It was the effect her appearance had on their perception of her competence and humanity. Those variables made people less likely to vote for her."

My retort:

Is that really the conclusion we're drawing from this? That her looks are the reason people did not see her as competent, intelligent or capable?

My reasonable hypothesis would be that people did not see her as competent or capable because she said a lot of dumb things on television in a very short period of time.

There's the infamous katie couric interview:

and the vp debate:

and other stuff when you search for "palin stupid" on youtube:

pretty much everyone understands at this point what a joke her selection was, and a political decision by mccain's campaign to take women who were hillary clinton supporters, one that ultimately failed because palin provided a tangible link to the bush presidency by not being competent. the straight talkin' mccain of 2000 would have slapped the shit out of his '08 counterpart. america did too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This a-way, That a-way.

I'm in the midst of watching Katie Couric's interview with Lil' Wayne (embedded below), and was thinking about the way in which he's being presented. The general gist of the first half of the interview seems to be that people like Wayne because, in the modern hip hop era of inauthentic danger(Akon, Rick Ross, etc.), he seems to be a form of danger that is genuine yet accessible, in a way that's helped a lot of people sell a lot of records over the last 50 years.

The figure that immediately comes to mind is Dennis Rodman. There are blatant similarities in terms of the flamboyance that they currently embrace, as well as their career arcs. Wayne's early appearances on the Cash Money lable were not unlike Rodman's time as a Detroit Piston; the skill was evident but the personality had yet to evolve. What followed for Rodman was two years with the Spurs, where he began to develop his personality and skill even further, and show his first signs of eccentricity (not unlike Wayne's pre-Carter III mixtapes.)

Then of course, we have the moments of maximum effectiveness/personality: Wayne's Carter III and Rodman's Chicago Bulls title years. Both had their highest visibilities during this period of time, with mixed results off the court (Lil Wayne's upcoming rap metal album will probably be received as well as "Double Team" or "Simon Sez*", the two films Rodman made as an attempt to cash in on his propensity to wear wedding dresses in public.

So what's next for Wayne? Probably nothing good. Rodman's future included brief stints with the Lakers and Mavs, where his declining play led those teams to be unwilling to tolerate his personality. There were some ill-advised forays into wrestling and other strange public appearances (next up is Celebrity Apprentice), as well as competitive basketball in some lower international leagues.

The real kinship between the two lies in how incredibly complex their character is. I feel like we've only scratched the surface of either man, though the profile they project is more of a quilt of different stock character sterotypes than true depth. Rodman's story is largely writ whereas Wayne's goes forward; he is ultimately his own man, and it remains to be seen where his tale will lead him.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Is your life worth effing?

I've recently become something of an addict to the website fmylife.com, or at least, it's been added to the list of websites I try to populate daily. The basic idea is that people put up twitter-length stories or scenarios whicht hey currently face. Each one begins with today and ends with the "FML" sendoff. These posts deal with your garden variety of ironic mishaps, foot-in-mouths and incidents that might be grounds for divorce (infidelity, sexual abandonment, etc.)

I guess the best thing about reading the website are the really pathetic, high-school esque posts. They're a nice reminder in trying times that, no matter how annoying or banal the minutia of my day, I still have requited love, a source of income, and a sense of slight cultural importance in my city, and there are people who would kill for any one of those.

Friday, February 20, 2009

best possible comment

in response to this, from yahoo:

"i never thought brown would be like that!
well, first impression never lasts!
and if he think going to some "place for reconciling things" is a good idea to take all back what he did, IT'S NOT ENOUGH!


very ungentlemanly!!!!!!!!!"

too true, sometimes in life "you cannot turn back the time."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to the Seth Rogen.

I'd also like to point out that that redband "Observe and Report" trailer features the Patto song "The Man" pretty heavily, and that's kinda awesome.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

observe and report

Defamer has the trailer for Seth Rogen's upcoming mall cop comedy, "Observe and Report". While the movie will inevitably be tied in with Kevin James' bumbling Paul Blart, this seems like a horse of a very different feather. James' movie reeked of Sandlerian sight gags and weak ass, polar opposite of subtle jokes related to how a mall cop is worthless (ha ha 2.5!), whereas Rogen's take is a bit more depressing, about a man who is a mall cop but is ultimately either delusional or willing to live the lie. Judge for yourself with the redband trailer (definitely NSFW):